You know what I hate?

Because the world isn't roses and sunshine all the time.

Because Evanescence fans are really irksome.

Because Yin must have its Yang and Bert must have his Ernie.

We felt You know what I like? needed a balancing counterpart.


As with You know what I like?, we made this diary and gave out guest posting privileges without first asking or telling the people to whom we gave them. As someone rightly described it, this is gonzo journaling. The people who are able to post here, can do so if they like or they can not; it is entirely up to each individual. The option is there, however. There is no other membership requirement and no application process.

As for rules, essentially this is just a place to post things you don't like or that you actually hate (though that is such a strong word). The only things that won't be allowed are 1: diary warfare (fighting between bloggers is sooo cliche) and 2: the BIG -ISMS & -PHOBIAS (racism, sexism, sizism, homophobia, etc etc etc). I'm not down with censorship, it's just that, really, there are so many better ways to use this space.

Lastly, for those who do post, I'd also ask that you try to make your entry and short description fields the same so that the archive page shows up as a list. Thank you.

posted by: unowhatihate

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